Meet our TreX Tri Ambassadors

In2Adventure and the TreX Series are proud to partner with sportsmen and women  who have achieved sporting greatness and made significant contributions to the sport of cross triathlon during their careers.  Our ambassadors are role models and icons of success and have offered their services to promote the sport of cross triathlon within Australia and across the globe.  Catch up with them at our next TreX event!





Meet Ben

Ben Allen is a World Class Professional Triathlete with over a decade of racing experience. He specialises in Cross Triathlon and is the reigning Australian National Champion.  He also specialises in the non-drafting format 70.3 Ironman, and Long Distanc.

Ben is based in Wollongong, Australia and from April through to October he joins the World’s Elite Endurance Athletes in Europe, basing himself in France.

Nickname: Benno, Bench, Benny, Benji & Benjamin

Date Of Birth: 19th January 1985

Resides: North Wollongong, NSW Australia and European Base’s Gerardmer, France, Switzerland & UK

Favourite Foods: Mexican & banana/strawberry smoothies

Favourite Pastimes: Surfing trips, reading, hanging out with friends, travel and cooking up a storm

Dislikes: Flat surf, littering and coming off my bike

Coach:  Alex Ball

Manager: Phillip Stoneman M5 Management

Most Influential People: Family (Loved ones, who help me through the up’s and down’s) & anyone inspiriting to be the best.!

Meet Jacqui

RUN_jacqui_slack_vicchamps_bendigo_log_pt_600x400I was born and brought up in Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent. Triathlon and traveling the world is now my life. My full time job was a Fire-fighter based at Newcastle-under-Lyme fire station. 5 years ago I took a sabbatical from the fire service to enter into full time triathlon training which has led to me becoming a full time professional elite athlete. I started as an age-group athlete using triathlon to keep fit around my work as a fire-fighter. Through hard work, determination and creating opportunities I’m now training and competing full-time against the best triathletes in the world.

My career so far has seen me compete in over 30 different countries around the world. I’ve raced in the British Triathlon Super Series, French Grand Prix, ITU European & World Cups. I currently race on the Xterra World Tour circuit, ITU Cross Triathlons and In2Adveture off road tri’s as well a few not drafting races each year. More recently I have stepped up a distance and competed in Ironman 70.3 races finishing 3rd and 4th.

I’m now very much focussed on off road triathlons which some would say is the more adventurous side of triathlon. I travel around with my boyfriend Ben Allen Australian pro triathlete for most of the year. We race the Oceania and Asian pacific races in our winter and head to the US, UK and Europe for summer. I’m coached by Alex Hall who is head coach at Nottingham Triathlon Club.

I love to come home and train with the groups around Stoke on Trent. I swim with COSSACS swimming club at Fenton Manor, Ride and run with NTC over the scenic lanes of Cheshire and Staffordshire. I am a family girl and love nothing more than to come home and spend time with my family, friends and catching up with local sponsors who have supported me throughout my career so far.

Full Name: Jacqueline Slack

Date of Birth: 17th June, 1983

Home: Stoke on Trent, UK & Wollongong, AUS

Favourite Places: North Wollongong, Lake Crackenback NSW, Boulder CO

Favourite Race: In2Adventure TreX Tri Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa

Favourite Foods: Risotto, a homemade salad with chicken and jacket potato

Hobbies: Surfing, catching up with friends and family, reading, Netflix, watching sports events, food markets.

Dislikes: Waiting in traffic

Coach: Alex Hall

Most Influential People: My Grandad, Mum and anyone who steps out of their comfort zone and takes on a challenge

Meet Justin

MTB_PARA_2016_LCR_Snowies_AusChamps_JustinGodfrey_male_PT_600x400After a traumatic motor vehicle accident when I was 15, I spent many years trying to save what was left of my leg only to have to have it removed 6 years later. Since then I have been involved in National Wheelchair Basketball and the since moving to Albury from Melbourne I took up and started competing in XC Mountain biking.

In 2013 I was introduced to Triathlon and the prospect of Para Olympic and in my pursuit of pushing myself I found Cross Triathlon, which adds my passion of Mountain bike with Triathlon.

Justin is a PT3 paratriathlete and will represent Australia at the 2016 ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships hosted on home soil in the Snowy Mountains in November 2016.

Nickname: JUD

Date of Birth: 2nd July 1974

Home: Albury, NSW

Favourite Places: Queenland, Mt Buller and Lake Crackenback

Favourite Race: Otway Odyssey

Favourite Foods: Pasta, Berrys, yogurt & granola

Favourite Pastimes: Mountain biking and time with my family

Dislikes: People who say “I Can’t”

Coach: Fabrizio Andreoni

Most Influential People: My wife and daughters as well as a hand full of people I’ve come across in my years of disability sport.

Key Sporting Achievements include:

  • 3 x ITU World Para Triathlon Gold Medallist
  • 2 x ITU World Para Triathlon Bronze Medallist
  • 2 x ITU Oceania Para Triathlon Gold Medallist
  • 1 x ITU World Para Aquathon Bronze Medallist
  • 3 x Australian National Champion
  • 1 x ITU Oceania Para Cross Triathlon Gold Medallist

Justin's Story

RUN_justin_godfrey_river_auschamps_LCR_para_PT_600x400Justin’s Story

My name is Justin Godfrey and I am an Athlete with a disability.  I was only in my early teens when my accident happened, and after a few years of trying to save my leg, I had to have the lower leg amputated. At this point I was told I would not be able to do what others could, that’s where they were wrong. I made it my driving force to try and give everything a go.

I was introduced Wheelchair Basketball in rehab and competed at the national level. From there after hurting my shoulder I was introduced to Mountain Biking to help strengthen my leg. I quickly got addicted to the freedom and then as I started to get better I competed in cross country and endurance events.

In 2012 I was approached by a local Triathlon Coach in regards to the opportunity to compete for Australia in Para Triathlon, with the goal of Paralympic, and as I love a challenge I accepted. I have had many challenges since that first day with having to take up swimming and running, which I had never tried running since my amputation and swimming was not my strong suit as in my early years of operations to save my leg I had to have most of lat dorsi mussel removed. My first ever World event was in London 2013. I won Bronze in the Aquathon and sixth in the Triathlon; this was a great experience and showed me where I needed to be to be competitive.

The next year I stepped up my training, which was tough as I am not a full time athlete, I work and have a very understanding wife and two amazing girls that support me, but unfortunately my leg could not handle the extra load and suffered from skin break downs all year, but I kept going until the next Worlds Grand final Championships which were in Edmonton. Still with issues and being unable to run for a few months leading in to the race I could still only able to manage a sixth place but still gave me a ranking of third in my category for the year.

After returning home I had some tough decisions to make. My leg was not healing and in November 2014 I had to have another operation to try and bulk up my leg. After a 14hr operation to transfer tissue from my good leg to my stump I was back to square one. With the support of my wife and kids I quickly made a recovery and started rehab again and raced my first event only 2 months after the operation.

In July 2015 I received news that out of the five Disability categories in triathlon, mine was not going through. L Still I had committed to giving the 2015 World Grand final Championships my best go. During the championships race I had a crash on the bike leg and went from catching first place to fifth in a matter of minutes. I did not give up though, I had all the things I had gone through to get here and all the support I had and there was no way I was going to give up. I gave the rest of that race everything I had and was rewarded with a Bronze medal, I was ecstatic.

Whilst in training over the 2015 period I also discovered Cross triathlon, which takes into my love for mountain biking and triathlon. In February 2016 I qualified as the first Australian Para Triathlete to compete in the World Cross Triathlon Grand finals in Lake Crackenback this November 2016. Cross triathlon also adds a new challenge in the way of trail running, I mean over logs, down rivers through rock garden real off road stuff. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing event and look forward to representing our country and athletes with a disability.

Q&A with Justin

RUN_JustinGodfrey_auschamps_2015_male_pt_LCR_para_600x400Q&A with Justin

Q:  What do you love about Cross Triathlon?

A: The thing I love is the Challenge and it also puts my love for mountain biking and triathlon all in one.


Q: What is your main training focus  in the lead up to the ITU world champs?

A: More focus is on the Mountain bike and off road trail run , as technique in both bike and for me especially running with a prosthetic foot through the bush takes a lot of concentration.


Q: What are your thoughts about the 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs?

A: Being selected to compete at a World Champs is an honour for any athletes, to have the opportunity to meet and compete against other top athletes is just amazing. To have this event in our own backyard amazing and I can’t wait to show the World what we have to offer.


Q: What will be your toughest challenge at the ITU World Champs?

A: My toughest challenge in cross triathlon is definitely the run leg, being a leg amputee running on a prosthetic blade foot I have to work out before I get there, were I’m going to step so I don’t get the foot stuck or trip myself up. As with all trail running you have to be looking and planning you next step.


Q: What will be your biggest strength that you will take into the race?

A: I feel my main strength would be my bike if I had to pick one.


Q: What are your thoughts on the competition?

A: I do not think about my competition that much but I still do my homework on them, in the end I believe I can only control what I can, and that is me.


Q: What it would mean to win gold?

A: This being my first Worlds in the Cross Triathlon and on home soil with my wife and daughters to watch, a gold Medal would be the high light of my whole career as an athlete.


Q: What are your thoughts about being an Ambassador for the TreX Series?

A: I am truly honoured to be named an Ambassador for TreX, I feel extremely privilege to be named alongside the likes Ben and Jackie, legends in the world of Cross triathlon.