TreX Cross Triathlon Series

Partner Overview

TreX 2017/18 is here, 7 races taking place in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria that include a National Championships and 3 World Championships Qualifying Events.

A sponsor of the TreX Cross Triathlon Series has the ability through In2Adventure to reach out directly to these athletes at the events and indirectly pre and post event via In2Adventures extensive social media and EDM database.

About In2Adventure

In2Adventure are Asia-Pacific’s premier adventure event specialists. With a full calendar of national events scheduled throughout Australia, including cross triathlon, XC mountain bike, trail runs, adventure races and corporate events, In2Adventure fully embraces all things ‘off road’ and ‘off the beaten track’ and offers a unique, individual experience for all ages and skill levels.

In2Adventure have been established for over ten years and have developed a reputation for professionalism and excellence in the hosting of safe and memorable events including the 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships, which was the first time this event has been awarded by the International Triathlon Union to a country in the southern hemisphere.

Partnership Connections

Partnership with In2Adventure events offers access to:

  • Over 7,000 athletes and event visitors;
  • Over 18,500 social media followers;
  • An EDM database of over 14,500 subscribers;
  • A monthly average market reach of 252,000;
  • Website presence with a monthly average of over 10,400 visitors who view on average 7.31 pages per visit;
  • A diverse target market with high disposable income;
  • Over 4,300 personal touch points and over 222,000 on line touch points; and
  • A geographic market of national events.

Market Analysis


The key demographic for TreX events are males aged between 30-49 years who represent approximately 40% of all competitors. Surveys of this demographic indicate that they are:

  • Professional worker such as police, teacher, white collar middle management, small business owner;
  • Earns $80k – $150k per annum;
  • Has a high disposable income;
  • Is married with 1-3 children;
  • Is family oriented;
  • Values health, fitness, wellbeing, and family activities;
  • Embraces outdoor pursuits, sports, adventure, action, and activities that can involve the entire family;
  • Values travel and recreation;
  • Drives a 4WD or utility vehicle to accommodate his family and the equipment required to enjoy his activities; and
  • Is willing to spend disposable income on quality goods and services that enable him to enhance his performance and experience his love of sports, adventure, action, and family.


The participants at TreX events include:

  • Professionals and Weekend Warriors;
  • Athletes from Multiple Disciplines Swim | MTB | Trail Run;
  • Multi Age Group Participation | 7yrs to 70yrs;
  • Traditional ‘On Road’ athletes looking for a new challenge;
  • Mountain Bikers looking for a multi-discipline challenge and new opportunities to utilise their Mountain Bike skills;
  • Adventure & Multi-Sport Participants;
  • Weekend Warriors looking for a weekend challenge; and
  • Families looking for an event where everyone in the family can take part.

About TreX

In2Adventure through the TreX Cross Triathlon series offers event and races for all standards and abilities from Elite to those just wanting to improve their personal health and fitness from 7 years to 70 years.

A whole range of individual events and Multisport festivals will take place during the 2017/18 season including Aquathlon, Trail Running and Mountain Biking events that encompasses National and State Championships, World Championships Qualifying Events and the overall TreX Series Championships.

View the full event details here.

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