jswc-300Sometimes you cross the finish line and you almost immediately have a perspective on your race….I just felt empty inside.
I went in with the smoothest preparation I have had probably for any race.   I felt fit, strong and in a good place to really challenge for a top 5.  Missing that goal is of course disappointing but I’ve always had the attitude that I’m very blessed to be doing something that I love so I try to consolidate myself with these words. But still I was overcome by sadness that I had not given my all.

I then began to question myself did I really give it everything, should I have tried harder to stay with the other girls, did I hang tough a key points in the race, was I exhausted when I crossed the finish line?

So after a few days of thinking about the race and pretending that I do not care about the result and trying to move on I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually do care and I want to do better next time and perform to my potential. I’m prepared to learn from this and do what it takes to have that perfect performance.

I’m sure many of you have heard the saying that the race is 5% physical and 95% mental. Well this was true for me today I was physically in the best shape I’ve been in but mentally I was not prepared to suffer.

The good news is I eventually came round to seeing that questioning myself, and asking myself the tough questions is a necessary evil. So now yeah I’m happy with the race I had In Maui and I am motivated.  Next year I will be determined to make sure there’s not an ounce of doubt!

On to the race Maui 26th October 2014

There’s not much to tell really my swim was solid, I exited with Charlotte and Katrin which was what I expected entering T2 in 6th place. I knew that Emma, Suzie, Mel would catch me on the bike but It was matter of how long I could hold them off for and if I could stick with them, well they caught me in the first 6 miles and I didn’t stay with them I just let them go without a fight.

Unfortunately I did loose a minute or so having to put extra air in my rear tyre due to a tiny puncture but I’m not sure this would have made to much of a difference to my overall result maybe a place or so but its no excuse.

Coming off the bike I knew I had not ridden as hard as normal so my legs were relatively fresh I managed to pull out a solid run but not fast enough to make up any time. I love racing here in Maui the course is not particularly technical and I would love to see more technical aspects added in future years but I love the climbing and I love racing in the hot humid conditions.

It’s still only my 3rd time here and I’m looking forward to many more. Massive congrats to my boy Ben Allen for a fantastic perforce and securing his place as one of the world best #proud

Huge thanks to everyone’s support from all over the world especially Mum who made the journey from England to come and watch us race. Happy or sad Mum’s always know what to say.

On a final note and to summarise I read an article that Siri Lindley wrote and this just about sums up where I’m at:

“Consistency, hard work, determination and non-stop devotion to your quest for success will get you there. When you think you are doing everything you can, yet your results remain mediocre, know that there is another step you have yet to take to earn your right to a higher level of performance”

One last thank you to my sponsors with out you guys we could not race at the highest level you make it all possible and I feel very lucky to have an awesome team around me making my lives easier. On Running, Liv/Giant Bikes, Flight Centre active travel, Xterra Wetsuits, Amanzi Swimwear, Alaska Milk, Powerbar, Ryder Eyewear, Schwalbe, Scicon, Champions Systems, Ekoi, Lurbel Performance apparel and Greepers.


January 1st, 2014 / Media Release