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Clif Bar

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Feeding Your Adventure

What if there was a product that fuelled our adventures and also tasted amazing? This is the exact question that led Gary Erickson’s on a mission which saw him launch CLIF Bar to the world.

During a 281km bike ride in California, Gary was exhausted with kilometres to go. He was struggling to consume another sticky energy bar and so the inspiration for the CLIF Bar was born.

A baker by trade, competitive athlete and a foodie, Gary spent months in his mother’s kitchen perfecting a recipe for a nutritious, great tasting energy bar.

Using organic, whole ingredients, he created CLIF Bar, an energy bar that supplies working muscles with the energy needed for extended periods of activity. The perfect fuel for a challenge!

CLIF Bar launched in 1992, named after his father Clifford, who inspired Gary’s love of the outdoors. Since sharing CLIF Bar with athletes and adventurers around the world, they’ve become the number one energy bar in America and Canada, with more and more Australian athletes also opting for CLIF Bar to keep their energy up during their adventures.

CLIF Bar also sponsor over 1,500 pro and amateur athletes. Sponsored athletes include high profile Australian, twice World Ironman Champion Chris (‘Macca’) McCormack, American record holding ultra-marathon athlete Scott Jurek, Tommy Caldwell, an extreme free climber and our set-to-be Olympic climbing champion Lucy Stirling as well as many more.

Not only are CLIF Bars specifically created to provide sustained energy, with each bar containing 11 vitamins and minerals, 40g of carbohydrates and up to 11g of protein, but they also taste great.

Made with 70% organic ingredients, no GMOs and free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, CLIF Bar is the ultimate natural energy bar to feed any adventure.

Other CLIF products available in Australia include CLIF SHOT Energy Gels and CLIF SHOT BLOKS. All their products that are bought in Australia are made using 70-95% organic ingredients and are vegan.

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