Snowy Mountains Cookies

Snowy Mountains Cookies

Visit Our Factory Outlet in Jindabyne

Jindabyne’s very own cookie factory, Snowy Mountains Cookies, is offering discounted “imperfect” but delicious cookies from the Jindabyne Factory Outlet. Don’t miss out on a great range of cookies, snack bars and savoury treats. Take a sneaky peak through the window directly into the bakery and see cookies being made.

About Snowy Mountains Cookies

The roof of Australia has its own cookie company. Launched in June 2006, Snowy Mountains Cookies is proudly located in the beautiful and iconic alpine town of Jindabyne. Snowy Mountains Cookies, Savoury and Snacks, is arguably the highest commercial bakery in Australia perched at 1020 metres above sea level.

Snowy Mountains Cookies specialises in the art of making quality, gourmet, wholesome cookies, savoury goods and snacks filled abundantly with delicious, chunky ingredients so that every bite is a tasty treat. A government awarded manufacturer, Snowy Mountains Cookies are focused on quality ingredients;

  • Cookies are made without artificial colours, flavours or additives and without preservatives
  • Free-range eggs – recipient of the RSPCA Good Egg Award
  • Quality couverture chocolate – avoiding compound chocolate-buttons
  • Butter (unsalted), rather than margarine -‘keeping it natural by keeping it simple’
  • A plentiful measure of key ingredients in each cookie

Snowy Mountains Cookies takes great pride in the quality ingredients used, end product, providing exceptional client service and sustainable management practices.

Airline catering is a key market sector for Snowy Mountains Cookies. Other clients range from contract manufacturing, chain outlets, distributors and independent cafes.

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