TreX Cross Triathlon Series 2017/18

Results for the TreX Series.

National and State Championships Results.

TreX Aquathlon World Championships Qualifying Races.

Series points for the 2017/18 TreX Series.

Race 1 | Duathlon – 20 August 2017

Storey and Alford take out round 1 of Australia’s National X-Tri Series.

Standard Course Results

Mitchell Yarde and Shaye Giess take line honours in the Sprint course.

Sprint Course Results

Luke Sedgman and Sophie Burger take line honours in the Junior course

Junior/Teaser Course Results


Race 2 | Port Stephens – 16 September 2017

Read all about it HERE

Standard Course Split Times

Max Neumann and Penny Slater take line honours in the Standard Course.

Fastest age group swim splits go to Ryan ONeill in 25:12 and Jennifer Davis in 30:27.

Fastest age group MTB splits go to Simon Manson in 1:25 and Jennifer Davis in 1:39.

Fastest age group run splits go to Pete Orchard in 52:04 and Darleen Cheney in 59:00.

Sprint Course Split Times

Tom Colley and Kate Pensini take line honours in the Sprint Course.

Fastest swim splits go to Joel Wooldridge in 8:10 and Jasmine Mudford in 11:18.

Fastest MTB splits go to Tom Colley in 49:15 and Kate Pensini in 1:15.

Fastest run splits go to Joel Wooldridge in 31:30 and Kate Pensini in 43:01.

Junior/Teaser Course Split Times

Joey Milgate and Tia Hart take line honours in the Junior Course.


Dirt Master Results

After 2 days completing the TreX X-Tri Standard Course of 1.5km Ocean Swim, 30km MTB and 10km Trail Run and backing up the next day to race the Tomaree Trail Run Half Marathon the overall winners were:

Dirt Mistress – Sorcha Flett, Black Forest, SA – 5:57:14

Dirt Master – Luke Kay, Dickson, ACT – 4:35:45

Race 3 | Redlands – 28 October 2017

Preliminary results


Race 4 | Goldfields – 25 November 2017

Victorian State Cross Triathlon Championships

TreX Cross Triathlon

Preliminary results


TreX Aquathlon

Preliminary results

Race 5 | Snowy Mountains – 24 February 2018

National Cross Triathlon Championships

TreX Cross Triathlon

Preliminary results


National Aquathlon Championships

TreX Aquathlon

Preliminary results

Race 6 | Back 2 Back – 24/25 March 2018

Queensland State Cross Triathlon Championships

Race 1 Preliminary results

Race 2 Preliminary results

Overall Preliminary results



Race 7 | TreX Championships – 28 April 2018

Preliminary results

TreX Series Championships Points

Series Points are awarded to the top 20 competitors in each age group for the Standard, Sprint and Junior Course at all TreX Events.

The best 4 points scores across the season will count towards the series championships awards, to be eligible a competitor must take part in the final race of the season the TreX Championships.

In the event of a tie on points, placings at the TreX Championships will decide the winner.

To see how points are awarded checkout the FAQ’s

Series Points after Race 2

Standard Course

Sprint Course

Junior Course

Archived Results

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